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Dorner and Doakes: They Have a Lot in Common

Another case of life imitating art.  My friend Sam aptly pointed out that there are some strange similarities between Christopher Dorner and James Doakes.  And I don’t just mean this one:



But seriously, isn’t it weird that Dorner and Doakes:

1. Both have last names that start with “Do” and contain 6 letters

2. Are both highly trained ex-military men turned cops (though I’m not sure if Dorner was black ops)

3. Both stalked and targeted fellow law enforcement personnel (Doakes stalked Dexter)

4. Both got fired from the police force

5. Both (supposedly) met their ends in a CABIN (wtf?!)

6. Both burned to a crisp in said cabin (one in the Everglades and one in the Mountains)

It’s also kinda weird that the cops have been parked in my building since the murders because a target supposedly lives there.  Hmmm…Now why would that be weird?

The only difference between the two is that…Doakes doesn’t really smile.

Your ex-cop and my ex-cop should get together and go bowling!