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I’ll Settle for James Marsden.

Let’s get one thing straight: James Marsden is a bonafide hottie.  Those eyes, those lips… So why does he always get cast as the guy women settle for?  Strange typecasting.  What these women always say about James’s character while they’re off loving some other guy is, “He’s a good man.”

Then they have Superman’s baby700x900_scale_thumb_James-Marsden3645496223_2f44586289


1. The most blaring example is ‘The Notebook’.  Marsden vs. Gosling.  Tough competition, I must say.  One is handsome and rich, but the other one built her a house (and is Ryan Gosling).





2. In ‘Enchanted’, James loses out to “McDreamy”.  That one I don’t get.  James is a Prince and Patrick Dempsey is just a regular guy.  Then again, the princess is played by Amy Adams, so consider the prize.

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3. In ‘X Men’, Jean Grey is with Cyclops, but she secretly lusts after Wolverine.  I’m not quite sure why aside from the muscles.  Really piercing eyes or super strength and claws??  Decisions, decisions.

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4. In ‘27 Dresses’, the competition gets more stiff.  Ed Burns is a formidable dream boat.  He is the unattainable boss and James Marsden is the annoying writer Katherine Heigl hangs with begrudgingly.  She settles for him when she can’t have her boss.  She got a pretty good deal.


5. ‘Superman Returns’ is most difficult shadow for James.  He’s a “good man”, but his wife used to bang a Superman.

He’s still hotter.


James, somewhere out there, you’re someone’s first choice.