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“Did You Hear About The Morgans?”


That was probably uttered by what’s left of Miami Metro Homicide. The Morgans are all gone: vanished at sea.  Did you hear about Debra Morgan?  Shot and left a vegetable, her body mysteriously disappeared during the hurricane evacuation.  Did you hear about Dexter Morgan?  The remains of his boat were found after Hurricane Laura passed.  (Ooh, Laura…his mother’s name).

And Sundays are good no more.  It’s the end of an era.  Coincidentally, just as the first Sunday passed with no more Dexter, I got a new iPhone and my alarm is the Dexter theme no longer, but rather a nondescript alarm tone.  The end of an era indeed.

I feel the need to do a postmortem on my favorite TV show of all time, like it’s eponymous protagonist forensics geek.  I’m sad that Dexter ended but even sadder about the way it ended.  I liked it but I didn’t like it.

I didn’t expect there to be a happy ending for all.  After all, we were told seasons ago, “Monsters don’t get a happy ending”.  But I didn’t expect there to be no happiness for anyone.  And I didn’t think 8 seasons of Dexter getting away with it would all be for naught.  All so he could end up on the ultimate guilt trip in a cabin alone in the woods.

I was secretly hoping the show might actually end like the fantasy at the end of season one: a parade in Dexter’s honor.  Either that or he gets caught.  Otherwise, why did we invest all that time and energy?

This season began asking a lot of questions:

Will they get caught?

Will Deb ever forgive Dex?

Will she ever be the same?

How’s it going to end?

There was so much promise in this season.  But it didn’t live up to the greatness of seasons past.

Seasons 1-3 were my favorites, especially season 2.  So I found myself comparing every season to those, and they never measured up.  Season 5 was new and exciting, but by season 6 there wasn’t much new ground to cover, and when the writers dreamed some up it just didn’t work (semi-incestuous brotherly love that goes nowhere).

Season 2 was simply a masterpiece.  From beginning to end.  That’s what the final season should have been.  We were promised (via interviews) that we would learn more about Dexter’s past.  Dr. Vogel was a big reveal, I’ll give you that, but I would like to have learned more about Dexter’s birth parents.  They were barely touched upon in seasons  1 and 2 and then were abandoned all together, which makes me think the writers are definitely more nurture than nature-oriented.  I wish season 8 was either like Dexter: Origins, or Dexter: The End, where he actually gets caught.  How interesting would it be to see the world react to him the knowledge that there is a Dexter.  Someone hiding in plain sight, right under our noses.  Granted we get glimpses of that in seasons 2 and 7, but the writers never go all the way with it.  What better season to do that than the final season??

Instead we get a bunch of red herrings, plots that go nowhere and side character sub plots we don’t really care about.

Oh, Deb has a week of therapy and she’s all better after heavy drug use, multiple murder and attempted fratricide?

Dexter’s going to teach young Zach the code?  Oh, he’s dead now?  Never mind.

Oh, Masuka has a sperm daughter?  We don’t care.

Joey and Jamie are having problems?  Yawn.

Oh, um, Hannah and Deb get along now?  Deb is cool with everything?  Right.

Not to mention how they completely glossed over the aftermath of Laguerta’s death–the riskiest move Dexter’s ever made.  Why would they let him work that crime scene after, um, she publicly accused him of being a serial killer?  No one uncovered that the guy who shot her was the killer of Dexter’s mother?  No trace evidence of Debra was found after she ran up and hugged Laguerta??  Too many plot holes.  It’s insulting to our intelligence.

I appreciate the twist of making us think the brain surgeon was dead and then making him Dexter’s “spiritual brother”….but we already did the brother thing.  Remember Biney?  An “unchecked version” of Dexter, a killer without a code.  We also already did the mirror/soul mate thing.  Remember Lila?  Seasons 1-3, people.  It’s all been done.

Earth to Dexter: You fucked up.  But not by being a killer.  By NOT being one.  Deb died because you didn’t kill Saxon.  Just like Rita died because you didn’t kill Trinity.  Haven’t we learned our lesson?  Killing good.  Mercy bad.  I loved the way he finally exacted justice on Saxon, all in the open like that, but it was too little too late and Saxon deserved a worse fate.

And Dexter is now the worst dad ever.  Leaving his son with a wanted felon on the lam in another country, telling his son he’d see him soon and abandoning him forever.  You’re surely creating a mini-me.

In a way it was a haunting and poetic ending.  As Doakes predicted in season 2 before his demise, Dexter’s Dark Passenger is like a cancer, and it was spreading.  It all but destroyed Deb, and had other casualties as well.  (The irony is that he beat cancer in real life).  Like other addictions, Dexter’s DP hurt most people he came in contact with.

But why did he have to take Deb’s body and dump it in the ocean with all his victims?  Is he saying she’s his final victim?  CUZ SHE’S NOT!  SHE’S SAXON’S FINAL VICTIM.  He could have legally Terry Schiavo’d her, being her next of kin and all.  But he had to be all dramatic and rob Quinn of the opportunity to properly bury her, or even hope for her recovery.  Shitty, Dex.  And because Hannah also stopped killing for love, Elway knows she’s out there with Dexter’s kid.  Good job not killing, guys!

The music that started right after Saxon’s death was beautiful and haunting.  That was probably the best thing about the episode.

How should the greatest show on television have ended?  I’m not sure.  But not the way it did.

Can we get a wrap up movie?  Please?